Wire Granulating Operation

Our ability to process insulated copper wire into pure copper “chops” enables United Metals Recycling to sell this material here in the United States and be very competitive when purchasing insulated copper wire. Visit site.

Processing Capabilities


United Metals Recycling has the necessary equipment and technology to process your scrap in a way that maximizes the value of each commodity. Cost effectively preparing material equates to a higher value for our customers. We are always working to stay innovative and make sure we have the ability to offer our customers a multitude of options when processing their material.

  • Wire Granulating Operation
  • Non Ferrous Balers
  • Mobile Shears
  • Stationary Shear
  • Mobile Car Crushers
  • Mobile Ferrous Baler
  • Material Handlers
  • Excavators
  • Mobile Hard Drive Shredder

United Metals Recycling can also provide guaranteed material destruction and certification upon request for any material that a customer does not want to be reused in its current form.

Mobile & Stationary Shears

Capacity to handle large quantities of material at our facility and the ability to process material at our customer’s site with our mobile shears is just another advantage we possess over our competitors.

Car Crushing & Tin Baling
Car Pile

United Metals Recycling operates car crushers, logger bailers, and other crushing equipment. We can make quick work of your auto salvage yard and secure great pricing for the material as well. Visit site.