Materials Purchased Ferrous (F)


The backbone of United Metals Recycling success over the years has been our ability to handle ferrous scrap material efficiently. Our abilities range from handling large machinery that needs sized down with our experienced torching crew to farm equipment that we can run through our 700Ton Sierra shear and our ability to go to any site and use our mobile Labounty excavator mounted shears to size material for efficient handling.

United Metals Recycling is a leader in the automobile recycling as well. With our mobile logger baler and car crushers we have the ability to handle material wherever it is. Our wet-rack system allows us to properly drain all fluid containing vehicles before they are processed for shipment. Landfill clean-ups and auto-salvage automobile crushing is our expertise, we will leave the site cleaner than we started and you will be paid for every pound of scrap that leaves your facility.

Below is a list of ferrous scrap material that we purchase

  • Loose Tin (misc. scrap metal, household appliances, etc.)
  • Car Bodies
  • Unclean Motor Blocks
  • Sheet Iron
  • Heavy Torch (Machinery & Equipment)
  • Shear Scrap Iron and Steel
  • Plate & Structural
  • Heavy Breakable Cast
  • #1 and #2 Cast Iron
  • Machine Shop Turnings