Scrap Management


United Metals Recycling has an experienced, solution-driven team can work with you to create a comprehensive scrap management program customized to fit your specific needs. We work with customers small and large to analyze their existing scrap disposal processes and design solutions to increase efficiency and maximize scrap value while reducing their company’s environmental footprint. Our flexibility and close communication with our customers ensures we can adapt solutions to their needs as they change over time. Our goal is to create a long-term partnership with you to solve all your scrap needs so you can concentrate on your core business.

Past components of scrap management programs for our clients have included:

  • Dedicated account executive with expertise in scrap processing best practices
  • Hiring on-site contract labor to manage the scrap
  • Providing specialized facilities and equipment such as scales, containers and more
  • Proactive pickup of scrap
  • Environmental & safety consultations
  • Transportation and other logistics solutions
  • Coordination with recyclers of non-metal materials
  • Customized accounting and reporting