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Recycling Services

United Metals is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of metal recycling solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings encompass the convenience of mobile recycling services, designed to cater to those requiring on-the-go or on-site processing capabilities, ensuring that your recycling needs are met with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to your operations. Beyond that, we pride ourselves on our capacity to craft custom recycling plans, meticulously devised to align with the specific demands of your business. Whether you’re dealing with high-volume industrial metal waste or more specialized by-products, our expert team is committed to devising a strategy that not only facilitates the responsible reclamation of materials but also enhances your environmental stewardship while potentially unlocking economic value within your waste stream. With our wide range of metal recycling services, we stand ready to help you manage your resources more sustainably and profitably.

Metals Recycling

We buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  You can visit one of our locations or for larger quantities contact us to schedule a pick-up.

Processing Capabilities

With our wide range of metal processing facilities we are able to maximize the value of every commodity ensuring you the best price.

BIN Services

Contact us to request bin services.  We offer a wide range of bin sizes and can design a custom schedule to suit your needs.


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Copper Reclaim
Wire Granulating

Wire Granulating Operation

We are able to chop all of our insulated copper wire to get it to a pure form. Enabling us to not only pay top dollar but also keep it in the U.S.A.

United Hauling
Trucks being loaded with scrap metal

Material Handlers

With our extensive fleet of trucks and cutting-edge equipment, we are well-equipped to handle all your scrap metal hauling and processing needs.

Wire Granulating

Non Ferrous Balers

Balers are located at our facilities ensuring we are able to process our non-ferrous materials in an efficient manner. Ask about our mobile balers.



We are able to bring excavators to a job site or use them at our own facilities

Mobile Shear Machine

Mobile Shears

Mobile Shears are available along with an array of demolition equipment to ensure a streamlined visit.

Stationary Shear

Stationary Shear

Stationary Shears are available at our facilities to ensure rapid processing.

XRF Analyzer

XRF Analyzer

Handheld XRF Analyzers allow for quick identification so you can get paid immediately.

Mobile Car Crusher

Mobile Car Crushers

Mobile Car Crushers are available on demand. We can travel to your lot and quickly crush your vehicles.

Converter Reclaim
Catalytic Converter Processing

Catalytic Converter Processing

Our jaw dropping catalytic converter processing facility can handle any load at any time. We dare you to try and overload us.

United Metals Recycling can also provide guaranteed material destruction and certification upon request for any material that a customer does not want to be reused in its current form.