A Scrap Life: Episode 92 | Jennifer Betts | Recycled Media

On this episode of A Scrap Life, Brett is joined by Jennifer Betts, CEO of Recycled Media, to promote ISRI, which takes place April 15th - 18h in Las Vegas. Produced by Recycled Media.


welcome to a scrap life a podcast solely focused on the hustlers Grinders operators and business owners who live and breathe the scrap metal industry every day here is your host Brett eart all right everybody a scrap life is back and what better of a way to kind of get April fired up I mean it’s the biggest scrap SL recycled materials Convention of the Year this year it’s in Vegas every other year it’s in Vegas and we’re lucky enough for it to be in Vegas this year and uh what better of a way to get this thing fired up than with Jennifer Betts the CEO of recycled media which is a whole story in itself but uh we’ll get into that later thanks for coming out bro yeah likewise thanks for having me on uh you know it’s been too long it’s been what 24 hours since we last spoke yes yes like we were due we were due for uh another conversation but this one actually been recorded so uh we gotta we gotta frame this a little a little tighter than just talking about crazy stuff that our kids did or our dogs

did or or the Photoshop Lambos you know yes oh you did you notice that was photoshopped I mean yes I mean oh excuse me the official summer house the four new Lambos that you just bought in every color right yes I got some crazy comments about that I mean to to linkedin’s credit you know we were talking to a client here the other day about the difference in the differences of social media and how whether it’s Instagram or LinkedIn or um Facebook or whatever and just kind of the attitude of each right and to linkedin’s credit I mean most people are positive right and I think we we were trying to encourage people to you know um promote their business promote their you know what they have going on in their life and and and somebody was like well what if I you know somebody’s not you know starts talking to me about this or that and I’m like and I think it was you was like kind of um you know went into that so go ahead and tell them kind of what you said so generally speaking LinkedIn for the most part

you know most people are very professional on LinkedIn um out of all the platforms I think I’ve only gotten a handful of negative comments and all and even those negative comments those people still phrase them in pretty professional terms uh so you can still have a pretty uh I’d say constructive conversation in the comment section on LinkedIn because of the way that the platform is structured and those comments you know they do promote engagement on there and I did respond again professionally uh in to those comments because I do think it is constructive to have a difference of opinions or a difference of you know thoughts on those platforms and you can respond again professionally on that platform or you can choose not to respond if that so be it but again that might have been 0.001% out of everything that I’ve ever responded on that platform now if you go yeah versus like Tik Tok ORS stagram versus now what’s if you go over to the clock app that is a very different story that is like Freer range Wild West um you could post the most innocent whatever on that app

and people come out of the woodwork on that app you can be the most professional on that app and they could just rip you to shred F right like yes it’s it’s a straight up like and some of I’ll go to other to certain social media sites just for the comments because like I mean there’s some witty humans out there like they will say some that like just like I can’t was sitting over there in my chair like going through stuff and my wife like what are you laughing at I’m like I’m just reading the comments on some of this stuff and people are people are wild like so but to that point you know like we we can I want to get into the Dynamics of what recycled media is and kind of how you know how where where it where it came from and whatnot but to that to that point like to end it on a positive note if you’re nervous about posting something on LinkedIn or whatever know that you’re probably if you’re looking for positive reinforcement or you’re looking for genuine engagement like genuine engagement with people that could

potentially you know you could do business with or you know work for or work for you or whatever that is like it’s probably your best you know most professional um social media site app whatever you want to call it of them all I think oh absolutely that that is by far the best place to start uh if if you want encouragement LinkedIn is going to be the most positive experience uh to date so if you’re on the fence about posting anywhere business related LinkedIn is the best place start K pool right it’s the kitty pool 100% just post it there you’re not gonna drown you’re not it’s not the 20 foot deep end like if you want to go to the 20 foot deep end you know go to Instagram or Tik Tok and it gets wild but yeah slowly and get a feel for it if you’re not super you know like adapt to what can the comment section then it’s it’s a good place to start yeah yeah uh I would was not prepared for some of the other social media sites when I started posting on some of the other ones

after starting on LinkedIn take take some take some practice on the other ones so of I mean of of the of the different apps like what do you find you have the most fun with like what’s what do you enjoy which ones do you enjoy the most which one do you I mean I we can talk about traction later but like which one do you enjoy doing I really love Tik Tok and the reason why I really love Tik Tok is because it is like no rules it is just creative freedom the people the creators that are on that app are hilarious you don’t know what you’re gonna you you can’t expect anything it it’s just the algorithm after a while yes uh you can start to kind of expect on there a lot of what comes across mine is you know business tips and tricks um Right Now spoiler alert when this is getting released I’m on vacation I’m going to be on a cruise so a lot of what is coming across my feed right now is cruising tips and tricks with the the the family so the algorithm does start to

you know sort of be expected but every now and then you get something very humorous and so it’s hilarious now from a Creator standpoint it’s wonderful because I get to try out a lot of really new creative things and that allows me to try things out before I post them onto other platforms so for those that are listening or watching spoiler alert I don’t post everything from Tik Tok onto LinkedIn okay it does not all translate it is not all appropriate for LinkedIn okay um a lot of what I use Tik Tok for is I create the videos in Tik Tok because I just like the user interface it’s just easier for me such a i the thing I love about and I heard I think as Gary ve said this a long while back and he’s like the beautiful thing about Tik Tok is it makes it really easy for the user so it’s not setting up all these cameras and these doing this and like you got to go edit like all the tools are in it like voiceovers and music and and all and I there’s probably a ton of stuff

I don’t even like go down like I haven’t I’m not techsavvy enough to figure it out but it does make it a a 10 times easier than you would think to to make a video to add some cool music or clip it out and cut it and and I mean it’s just that is probably the the the big you know the big win that Tik Tok I think kind of got everybody you know going down that path was just ease of use it really is and I’ve tried to switch over to Instagram to use some of the interface there and I just find it clunky um it’s just not as easy for me to use it there aren’t as many features that I find in Tik Tok to use it for instance the green screen is something that I think I’ve um kind of been found to be known for because I use a lot of industry news and articles and I I comment on things behind me um for those news articles and that’s just very easy for me to do in Tik Tok and I find it’s easier for me to do

in the Tik Tok app than it is for me in Instagram gotcha so a matter of find of what works for you so all right well let’s go let’s let’s kind of like back up a little bit and kind of figure out how we even got to this place in the first place and I think part of that is why I want to start there is because that’s really in my mind how you and I like reconnected was you started posting content and videos on LinkedIn and is that is I mean that’s from my standpoint I I I’m a big LinkedIn guy I love the app I love the you know the the connections you can make and and just everything about it I feel there’s a ton of value there and so I was just you kept popping in my feet and kind of coming up and I was like and I knew you because we had done some business in the past so um when I started seeing your stuff I was like hey what are you what are you doing like what’s going on you know probably like people still do

to you today because because you’ve had you know a pretty extensive career in this industry in the Recycled industry in the new steel industry and so you’re you know you’re pretty well connected so I’m sure people will see your stuff they’re like so what are you what are you doing so what are you doing what’s the deal that’s a that’s a very common question that I get because a lot of times people just like you they just see the videos and they’re like okay cool but like how do how do you how do you make money how do you keep the lights on how do you keep the lights on um and for people that may not know who I am or like what my background is um Brett and I used to do business because I used to work for DJJ so I used to trade on Ferris I used to do feris I worked at AK seel I had my own company Magner Metals um for many years so I did brokerage um I worked at Argus media I worked at a steel and aluminum service center so I I’ve pretty much

done the the full supply chain at this point and actually the reason why I started posting videos because I I was pretty active I would say on LinkedIn prior to the videos was because I always thought LinkedIn was good from a business development standpoint but when I was at my last company um it was a pretty tough product to sell to be honest it was a steel service center that also wanted to be essentially a metal Bank a um Futures heading hedging um bank and that’s a that’s a tough sell and industry right feris hedging right obviously nonf right feris hedging nonfer has been around for a long time but Ferris hedging is is still fairly new for a lot of exactly exactly so when you know you’re taking a look at your two-year Runway of customers and you’re looking at okay what are we currently doing and what do we need to do differently to achieve a different result you started to come up with creative ideas and one of the ideas was visual content creation and I started looking at YouTube content creation just basic videos helping to explain the product

and how it affects you know physical trading and how it attaches you know from a financial derivatives and to the physical business and really trying to put it in layman’s terms right so then you could start putting that to LinkedIn so that you could start talking to a thousand people but then on your dayto day you’re having on like eight phone calls right so you could start being in all these different places and just being smarter about your time yep and it wasn’t necessarily met with a lot of positive feedback so I said no no I’m going to prove you wrong I’ll do it on my personal brand and so I said I will start posting videos on LinkedIn and I will show you the results that are going to come back uh and let me just tell you that was real uncomfortable for me yeah that first month and that’s probably the first month that um we started reconnecting was me actually putting my face for the first time on LinkedIn and not just like a news article or like you know a photo of a pile of scrap or you know excuse

me recycled material um out there you know so and you know honestly it generated a lot of traction and and it yeah it it worked like I mean within three weeks um tripled my connections on LinkedIn brought me um actually a few different job opportunities um multiple business leads in that time I mean the strategy worked to the point that we started talking um you know it it just kind of got to the point where it it my entrepreneurial Spirit kind of was like calling me back yeah and and here we are and here we are as I mean my from my from my standpoint you know we had been building quietly over aight of just kind of a marketing almost like a hit squad like real like people that are good at marketing and we just kind of slowly putting all these pieces in place um and using them to promote Our Brands right and our companies and build you know our businesses whether it’s this in this on the scrap end whether it’s on the um pipe end or St we we we have a few different um businesses that we operate

in different Industries and these you know probably I would say a handful at this time would be like with Marissa and sky and Nick and then we brought Carson in and we kind of just started you know bringing in people that were knowledgeable on certain things whether it was podcasting or whatever and I’m like we have something here we have a nucleus um to build around and then when I saw saw you posting and I realized you were quote unquote unemployed by choice and you were uh like open to Opportunities I was like Hey like we’ve got something here and we we can help a lot of people and at the end of the day we can show people how to build their business because we’ve done it like I hate people that talk a good game but they’ve never done it and yeah what whatever it is like it doesn’t matter you know like but at least show me your resume and show me you’ve done something like you’ve actually generated success in whatever you’re trying to sell me it’s like a physical trainer that’s out of shape like like I can’t mess

with like you can’t even take care of your own like how are you gonna coach me into being in shape right and so we we we built recycled media and at the time we didn’t know we needed some Le leadership we just knew we had this thing and I was like hey if this is something you feel like you want to be a part of then we would love to you know bring you on and have you be a big part of it not just as a manager or whatever but as an actual owner right and I think that that’s where we connected you know yeah well and I you know to kind of like flip this around on you um you know what point did you realize or recognize that you needed this in your business or I should say really businesses I didn’t know that I quote unquote needed it I just had a strong desire to grow and I didn’t like and I tell the story a lot but you know when Sako approached me about being on a pile of scrap his podcast I had already started a podcast in

the background um for our pipe company that we had bought that was based out of Indiana and but I did it was something I didn’t know a lot about so I was trying to learn about this specific type of pipe it’s a reline pipe I’m trying to understand like from industry experts like how how to sell it right um I knew our product was good but I didn’t understand how to sell it because I didn’t know the product that well so I I I kind of started a podcast about reline um which now um a gal a business partner of mine um Cassie Clancy now does pipe she her and I are business partners and she now does that podcast and she does a great job but uh that was kind of my first taste of it but I’ve always came from a point of I just want to grow and and it’s more about I know to grow like whether it’s physically or um business-wise like you got to do uncomfortable things and I was super uncomfortable in front of the camera so when Sako asked me I was like dude I

don’t really want to do a podcast as man like I’m good he goes but Brett you have a great story you should tell it and him and Darren Doan really kind of like coaxed me into it like no you you should really do it and then once I did it and I and I started making the connections because I was already posting stuff on Linked In at that point but I was just posting like my thoughts I was posting pictures of our equipment and just my what my opinion was on certain things but never like the podcasting never heavy heavy marketing and that was kind of what flipped it for me is and was the fact that I knew I need to do something uncomfortable to grow my business and the uncomfortable part was putting my face on camera the other uncomfortable part was spending the money committing the capital to do it because you’re kind of like we’re we’re scrap guys like if I buy 100 pounds of copper I want to see 100 pounds of copper in the corner because I know that the 100 pounds is right there and I can

go sell it and make you know 10 20 $30 or whatever that is right I know there’s value there marketing is kind of a you know you’re putting the money out and you’re you’re you’re hoping that the return is going to be there right and and you don’t it’s it’s hard to quantify it it’s hard to say there’s 100 pounds of copper in the corner you just have to kind of believe in it and put yourself in that uncomfortable position of I’m going to go all in and that’s why I did it like that’s the story it wasn’t that I saw some Grand Vision of blowing my company up to XYZ size it was just I had this strong desire to grow and I was willing to do whatever it took to build the business and I thought this was a good place to start well I I like that you use the term uncomfortable and I forget what the exact quote is but if you’re not un comfortable you’re not growing yeah um that quote really struck me when I was uh a member of chief for a year it’s a it’s a

professional women’s organization one of my cohorts um shared that quote and I forget who the quote is attributed to but that was one of the contributing factors to me putting videos out because it was kind of that thought process of well if you want a different outcome you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome so if you’re living in that comfortable Zone and you want a different outcome that’s never going to give you that different outcome so uh if you go back to some of my earlier videos they’re not not great they they’re uncomfortable and I’m probably this I’m probably sure they’re they’re similar for you as well they’re probably not your your favorite videos that you you put out right like yeah they’re rough they’re rough and to this day I don’t I’m not super polished right but that’s just I’m just trying just be me and and and that’s what I think caught my attention about you were doing you were just talking about stuff you knew about like you weren’t trying to be something you weren’t when I met you you were Jennifer Sherman yes

we talked about scrap when I saw you 10 12 years later online you were now Jennifer Sherman Betts Jennifer Betts but you were still talking about the same things we used to talk about which is scrap and steal and how does it work and I’m like okay like that’s and that’s the the beautiful thing about I think social media if you do it right is you may have had a customer 10 years ago that used to do business with you and something happened you know they moved locations somebody dropped a ball on the service side so they went another Direction like whatever it is and all of a sudden they see that you’re still dedicated you’re still trying to grow you’re still trying to build your business all of a sudden maybe you get another swing at that bat and that’s marketing that’s what it is like that’s not branding like that’s marketing that’s putting yourself out there still staying in the game and being be playing offense and giving yourself a chance absolutely we’ve had clients tell us that because of a podcast like one episode that they’ve had a new client reach

out to them say hey because of such and such episode they saw they were like we didn’t even know that you were in our backyard yeah so got a new client because of that what’s the I mean that is that’s a good one but what is what is the real value of people putting together podcasts for their of starting a podcast for your business like what are the you know what’s the what’s the big value driver there in your eyes the one of the biggest ones is you know from a technology standpoint it’s the SEO aspect of it um you’re essentially putting a lot of keywords online so that you can be found but from essentially a relationship like a virtual relationship you’re essentially putting your authentic self online in a way that like a static photo like a still photo is never going to be able to capture uh you know you’re you’re not going to be able to build that relationship virtually online quickly or really well in any other way besides that podcast like right now somebody’s probably driving in their car um or maybe they’re listening to us while they’re

working on a spreadsheet or something and they’re getting a better sense of who you and I are so that the next time that maybe they see us at isri coming up or at some other event and they talk to us they already have a better idea of who we are like this is how we talk this is this is who we are like this is not some front of who who you know some version of who we are so when it comes to do business that client now has a greater chance of doing business with them because they’ve already gotten like a few steps ahead with that potential client because they’ve already put themselves out there and built essentially a virtual Rel introductory stuff like you know if if you’re you know if you’re into grilling if you’re into bowling if you’re into drinking coffee with your dog on your lap like I am I you know there’s you can skip some of that people there’s a there’s a relationship that’s already been formed whether you know it or not right with potential clients customers and what even gets lost what’s crazy is the

potential um employees teammates leaders that are going to come into your company and if if marketing does anything podcasting does anything it allows you to build this is my two cents on it but it allows you to build out the marketing content that you can produce so maybe somebody doesn’t want to send listen to 30 minutes of you and I bullshitting but minute clip here yes minute and a half clip there here’s what I believe on this here’s my thoughts on that and you get a sense of it right and you can kind of use those podcasts for that for maybe the guy that or G that doesn’t want to spend that much time listening to this because they they want they they like listen to audible books more right but they can still pick up pieces of it and it it allows you to kind of break it off into whatever format that somebody might want to take in um but I I think that’s probably one of your your bigger value drivers is the relationship side you know when you talk to anybody you know how many recycling today interviews I’ve read

over the years right you know they used to do do the back the back page was the the last page was the interview they interviewed somebody from the it was a written interview from the industry and they’re like what do you love about the industry the people everybody says the people the industry and it’s like I love it so much I love like sitting down with people from our industry and just shooting the right I’m like tell me about your story how’ you get here how’d you go from one yard to 30 how did you get to from here to to California explain to me you know like that relationship like builds and builds on itself to where if you truly are about the people then you you’ll you probably enjoy conversations like this not everybody loves them recorded don’t get me wrong but but you do enjoy these conversations right so they’re easy to have it’s not you know I mean to me they’re easy to have because I’m really passionate about you know how how do people get where they’re at today agreed well I mean that’s actually a big reason why

half of our booth at isra is going to be the the podcast Booth um because we do want to show people that a it it shouldn’t be this whole anxiety filling thing because a lot of what our industry is is it’s relationships right like we go out we have a meal we share coffee we share drinks with people and we have these really wonderful conversations and there’s been so many times and I’m like I wish we could have recorded this conversation because that was an amazing story I can’t believe like we didn’t get that to share with people because that was amazing it was hilarious like that was an incredible Story I mean there was one about like alligators or like snakes in like the steel mill but that like will never be recorded um and could not be shared but we’ve got links on our website here’s my little recycled media plug but we’ve got links on our website because you can schedule podcast with us um Brett myself while we’re in Vegas just to sit down with us like for 15 20 minutes just to Showcase like it’s really not scary it’s

not intimidating there’s not going to be an audience it’s just like like share your stories get to get to know us we’d like to get to know you and then you know it it just kind of shows you that this is something that you can use in your business and like Brett said you can cut it up you can use it throughout the month like it’s it’s a really great business development tool and also it’s great for your communities too because then they get to know you as a business owner that you know you’re not the scary you know quote scrapyard you are a wonderful metal recycling facility that is great for the economy and the environment yeah it allows you it allows you to to to deal with you know your local level whether it’s your your city council your mayor your city planner you know the local school teacher shout out to my wife like at the end of the day like it allows you to be involved in your community if you want to to do the to do a podcast and you can do it there’s so many forms of

it and so those are the big like that’s the kind of the Big Value drivers that I see I it’s it’s a it’s a marketing tool that’s you don’t even need us to do that like you literally can just do it like all we do is just put the training wheels on it for you and like help you get it’s like the difference of learn how to swim by yourself by jumping off the deep in or do you like maybe get a few swimming lessons and try and understand like the mechanics of swimming so then when you do you can jump in you can swim like that is where I feel you know you and the recycle media team probably you know have the most you know expertise and the most Flex is that you guys kind of provide the training wheels and kind of get get that deal rolling but yes absolutely because you know it’s actually really well timed with Rebrand and this is a little bit of a hot subject right now just you know between the scrap V you know recycled materials um sides um but it’s it’s interesting timing

because um I recently posted on Tik Tok of all places um and anytime that I post about steel or or scrap there’s always this sentiment in the in the comments of I didn’t know we we had Steel in this country like I didn’t know you know we manufactured this in in the country like there’s this really large population in the United States in particular that are unaware that we have this large of a manufacturing sector still and that it’s I mean in my opinion it’s pretty robust but like we just don’t do that great of a job making the public aware of it so if we can help as many companies as we can in our industry start podcasts help get them online get their digital marketing just in general up to speed with what’s happening out there imagine taking the five voices and making it a 100 making it a thousand how many more of the public would actually understand what we do for the economy and what we do for the environment and how many more talented individuals we could recruit how much easier it would be to deal with the local

government or the national government it would be and just like from a community engagement standpoint how they would understand our businesses better like if we were all actually doing what we’re talking about here and educating I think like you said you said it’s a hot button topic that doesn’t have to be a hot button topic like it can it should be something that can kind of galvanize the IND industry in in the fact that I as old quote unquote like old school as I am and the fact that I mean this is called a scrap life like I love the word scrap but I also know that even the people that love the words um recycle materials like we still love the same thing but we just say it differently right it’s the same it’s the same reason same way someone might say y’all and someone might say you all right like it’s the same it’s the same same way of it’s a different way of saying the same thing and depending on who you talk to and how you say it and what you got going on at the time we’re all proud

of what we do it’s just a matter of showcasing it you know the way we want it to be showcased and that’s you know where whether you’re doing a podcast or whether you’re a member of ier or whether you’re you know on the board or you’re the president whatever that is like I think we’re all pretty we’re all pretty passionate about what we do and the people we do it with so yes I mean it it’s keeping that in mind and not like like saying okay you’re on that side and I’m on this side this isn’t like red versus blue right this isn’t politics like we can all agree that we we do care about the industry because at the end of the day if we can present it in a good light one way or the other we’re probably going to keep the regulations down we’re probably going to keep the you know the the cities and the states and you know the local municipalities happy with the service that we’re providing and you know give us a little bit of breathing room to do our jobs yep exactly and I’m kind of

curious what is’s Rebrand what’s your uh I’m like I know you don’t know the answer because I would I think you probably would have uh like hinted at me like hey I know but I I think everybody’s kind of out in the cold on this one what are you thinking like what’s the what’s the what’s the big news what’s the what’s the acronym I feel like it’s gonna be two syllables it like it it because if it’s just one that seems weird it’s got to be two it for everything that they’ve been pushing in the past two three years for recycled materials it seems like RM is going to have to be in the name um I think hery would be hilarious or Army would also be hilarious to like are you going to Army this year like Army 2025 um so I don’t know it’s I I I feel like it’s in that in that ballpark um area okay yeah I well we know if this was uh Wheel of Fortune we’d be like I’ll take the r and the M I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know what the vows

are going to be no vows no vows for right now I don’t know if it’s an Institute I vowels you got AER vows yeah none of that well um Robin is going to be Robin weiner the president of isra is going to be on my live expo hall podcast Tuesday April 16th at 11:30 and I am going to try and get maybe a couple hints yeah maybe get her like a glass of wine or head maybe maybe she she’ll slip up and yeah yeah can I at least get a vow Robin can I get a vow out so what are you gonna be doing at what are you gonna be doing at I first of all like what’s like we you’re gonna have a you’re gonna have a booth recycle media is gonna have a booth so I know you’re G to spend some quality time you know shaking hands and kissing babies at that at that deal introducing people to you know what what recycl media has to offer but what do you you doing for isie what what kind of speaking engagements you got lined out so um as I previously

see mentioned um I will uh bets on the future podcast will be one of five I believe live podcasts that are going to be um through the expo hall over a few days mine will be Tuesday 11:30 to 12:30 um the first guest will be Robin weiner is represent the second guest will be C Wier she’s the president of autoc Compu um which is a stainless manufacturer in North America um on Wednesday you and I and Stu Kagan of Buddy will be doing a marketing overbranding how small and midsize businesses win uh we’re going to be do a marketing panel from 8:45 to 9:45 I believe so hopefully people are um up and about BR your tomato juice your beers it’s be like a red beer meeting yes it is um GNA be a lot of coffee that morning um and then Thursday um I really just kept loving the early morning um I’ve got a tech panel Eco um Innovation at 9:30 a.m. with um uh Lisa Kagan from Buddy um Blake Gordon from Georgia Pacific Recycling and um Evan Schwarz from AMCs group um where we’re

going to be talking about some of the technologies that are you know kind of making some waves in the um recycling world so those are the the three main things and then I have to give a shout out to um my scrap Trader business partners that are also going to be at is as well they’ll be um doing some demos for the software that they’re be launching as well nice nice yeah it’s going to be a busy it’s going to be a busy week right I mean we get in on Sunday and I think we leave on Friday and it’s just going to be so we used to put a booth at SEMA um which is a huge Expo in Vegas and it was just crazy I mean it’s just balls to the wall for like four days and I feel like that’s kind of how is is becoming you know with you know even for us I mean when you have a booth and then you have you know customers and clients and your friends like what I love about isra is just all my friends are you know there like me like

my real friends like the people I get to see you know once a year maybe like twice a year if it’s a good year I mean so it’s that’s what I really love so then you’re trying to balance you know hanging out your friends and trying to uh make the the 845 speaking engagements and uh but yeah it’s a it’s a it’s a juggling act when you get I get home on Friday my wife’s be like are you all right like no no I’m not no no it is uh it’s real tough that week’s gonna be tough and um uh you know I’m adding an an additional layer so my family is coming with me this year so my husband um you know even though we’ve been together you know uh you know almost a decade and a half um we’re in very different Industries and uh for the most part he really hasn’t actually met a lot of the people that I’ve ever worked with um just because we we have kids so like for child care reasons like get yeah doesn’t get to come on uh work trips so um crazy enough

he’s coming along the kids are coming along um the kids are actually going to be on the expo hall floor Tuesday morning because part of is’s rebranding they’re going to be interviewing people Tuesday morning so if anybody wants to be quickly interviewed on what they do in the recycling World um by a couple you know Elementary age kids um but they’ll be around 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. just like checking out the equipment um just because like the Next Generation just doesn’t really know that they can have a career in recycling um because we just you know we don’t have you cing them have you been like getting them like to ask the question have you showed them what they’re what they’re getting themselves into are you are you starting like mini podcasters early in life a little bit well it’s it’s hilarious because like every now and then they’ll catch me trying to make like a Tik Tok and they’re like you know can I be in it and I’m like absolutely not like no um you’re way too young for that and so this is my um you know combination

of you know you want to come see what Mommy does you know for work and like see some really cool equipment slash okay like come learn about the industry come meet some of the people that mommy works with like it is a really cool industry we do work with like some really cool people you know we’ve got some great friends in the industry so like okay and the manderlay Bay has a wonderful wave pool so like yes manday Bay a beautiful hotel and if honestly if my wife was coming and my kids were coming that’s probably where they’d stay but I’m like I’m old school and I love the grimness of the Luxor and I know like my wife say so where you stay I was like I’m staying at the Luxor and I was like and hopefully if I have it my way one of those triangle rooms that like the cut off and you can’t as like I’m I I like it old the elevator ride or like it’s not an elevator it’s the sideways like the angle thing on the way up no Che cable limits like you can like get

in there and like hang out and everybody there’s I don’t know but if my kids were there and my kids were coming my wife like so we gonna stay over here yeah I get it uhuh on the nicer side of the tracks if you I would say right reason why she got me to move when we had kids um the next door yeah but you know I’m looking forward to it um I’ve got a pretty good podcast lined up a pretty good live podcast with um Jay rabinovitz who is retiring this year from alter him and I go pretty far back from his snitzer days but what’s even cooler and what I’m even more excited about is I’m getting the man the myth the legend Rod eart to come down to iy and sit on the podcast stage which I know makes him very uncomfortable but I love this Tim and Jay go way back farther than Jay and I that’s how I know Jay and when my dad you know became partners with snitzer 1997 so they go back a long ways and I am stoked to get some cigars I don’t I

doubt they’re going to light let us light them up but do show up we are going to have a grip of cigars to give out people that want to come hang out we’ll go find a place in the casino to smoke them um and just what day is that by the way like what time it’s Wednesday at like 12:45 or something like that around one o’clock um right and I forget what room it is I’ll have to make some promo clips for it or something it’s the it’s the expo hall like it’s s pasted yeah yeah so I I’m going to get Jay and my Dad we’re going to talk about family business you know transitioning family business the history of scrap two guys that probably love the word scrap that came you know came from you know so their thoughts on how this industry’s changed and um just generally like lowkey enjoyable shooting the kind of more my em Mo you’re really good at being professional I lack it in very in a lot of ways so like you’re the Ying to my yang like you’re very like put together very organized

very you do the right way and I’m I’m like I’m like the Luxor like you’re Mand Bay I’m over at the Luxor for a reason like you’re like hey you stay over there and stay at the Luxor you’ll be fine but behind the scenes I’m the one sending Brett Outlook invites to the calendar of like Brett we’re on a schedule we’re doing this we’re doing it so I mean and and the reason I bring that up because I want people to know like how this deal is structured I think it’s super important is um we build our businesses off marketing right but I want people to know that recycled media is not run by me right it is truly owned operated and run by yourself by Nick Snider by Marissa by Scott all the people that we have in the background creating the videos and doing that like I feel like I’m just along for the ride I mean if you have marketing questions I’ll tell you how I’ve done it like what’s worked for me and United medals and Our Brands but the real like driver of the business like who’s going to

be able to answer the most questions for you as a company is you and it’s and it’s people like Nick SNY and Marissa and those are the front-facing people that are really driving recycled media I’m super excited to support it super excited to be a part of it but it’s not necessarily quote unquote my business I I financially involved but I just love the idea of being being a part of helping people push their business and grow it and so for whatever that’s worth like they keep me at the Lux or for a reason hey we’re just very happy that you’re you’re coming to isra we’re getting you out like yeah it’s gonna be I’m excited I get to hang out with a lot of you know people I really enjoy their company um but one of the reasons why I wanted this podcast to do this podcast ahead of ahead of iie for our April newsletter is I mean I mean if you got marketing questions there’s people out there that can answer them and and maybe you don’t need us and we we’ll be the first ones to tell you you

don’t need us but if you do and if you want some help then by all means like talk to Jennifer talk to Nick talk to Marissa like let him let him drop some knowledge on you and it is what it is we’ll go from there absolutely and we’re gonna be in Vegas all week plenty of time to come and find us shoot a podcast with us right come sit down on come sit in the hot seat yes tell story like tell us what you’re about tell us what your business is about yeah there there are just really interesting people in this industry like let’s let’s just have a recorded conversation come take your picture at the with the angel wings okay I have to like just real quick I have like I’m so proud of our team on this one like they knocked it out of the park on this one they designed the coolest angel wings you know how like when you go to some of these um cool sites where you know they’re beautiful angel wings that you can stand in front of and you know but they did it out of

scrap metal like they’re gorgeous or excuse me recycled materials like it is sick so come over to our booth take a photo in front of it like like Sky Carson Nick Marissa they designed like such a like they just have so much creativity it’s it’s beautiful hashtag your company hashtag our company hashtag isy hashtag you know whatever you want but come get you come do the picture send it to your kids so they know what you’re doing what you’re up to um send it to your wife my wife will be my wife’s a school teacher I think she’s kind of bummed that because she enjoys coming to Vegas for a we we usually have a good time um and it’s kind of right towards getting towards the end of her school year and we have kids and our kids we have to we we kind of have to divide and conquer like you said so as much as I love them there like they’re gonna have to find it out here in Idaho while we’re down there trying to keep the wheels on the bus yeah maybe maybe next year your kids can be

the ones that like go around interviewing yeah maybe we’ll yeah we’ll split it up depends well next year if and it’s in May right isn’t somebody’s telling me it’s like late oh is it maybe I have to do like don’t quote me but for some reason I heard um that it was later in the year oh well I think it’s San Diego next year which is phenomenal for families and it’s phenomenal for if you live in California for the to drive yeah it’s great I get two years in a row which I get get a drive it’s great for my travel budget which is why I’m over at the manderlay bay this year yeah makes it a lot easier all right Jennifer thanks for coming on um you you’re gonna looking forward to your whoever you have next on your podcast you always have really good guests um and looking forward to seeing you your husband who I still haven’t met and kids looking forward to seeing all you guys yeah I’m excited um all all their cyc media teams going to be out there shooting videos podcasting and just doing what we do

just enjoy enjoying enjoying the business enjoying the industry so thank you so much for having me on and uh looking forward to seeing you in h a couple weeks absolutely take care all right thanks Brett