Metal Monday Episode #12 with Nick and Brett, March 18th, 2024

Happy Spring Break! Brett and Nick are back for another Metal Monday to update us all on the markets. If you'd like to guest star on Metal Monday or be on A Scrap Life or are interested in reserving your spot on the FAFO Tour, text us at: (208) 487-4311. Produced by Recycled Media.


all right we got another mobile Metal Monday for everybody I took the day off because I got spring break going on Brett I believe did the same thing but you know can’t miss the metal Monday so we’re here knock it out my wife said what are you doing I’m like well I got a metal Monday she’s like really I’m like yeah that’s part of the deal well hey man Copper’s still green I think we hit three dude 45 good night we got 45 on copper the other markets are looking good what going on why is it so why is it ripping you know I think the sentiment has changed as much as anything people are worried about um the Mind production I mean I feel like it’s more of a macro like picture that people are kind of it’s it’s in the micro it’s showing up so it’s the trading and everything that’s happening right now um a it’s more of a lack of Supply I think than and anything obviously there’s demand has to drive that bus too but I think people are starting to get concerned the narrative is like oh is

they are they going to have you know less Supply than they you know than there’s than capacity and so I don’t know I feels more of a Traders move but hey we’ll take it right in this business you just take what you can get you can get absolutely man I mean your PLL how many people in your poll said wouldn’t get to $4 it’s like 65% like I mean most people didn’t believe it get to four buck and I get it man it’s been a hard it’s been hard to get to that point right so you know for it to get to 415 right now this morning I mean shoot that we’ll take it and I know you’ll get into this when you’re with Bulls versus Bears a little more but the people I’ve been talking to the set in on feris is like we might have found a bottom are you still hearing that yeah I mean supposedly you know Turkey kind of you know bra their price up a little bit maybe indicating that they bottomed out over there which then should kind of help the domestic Market you know feel the

same um we’ll see what the demand situation looks like it might be more um Supply driven than actual demand like we’ve been talking about yeah so we’ll see um I don’t know I feel like we could probably muddle along here for a little bit unless something something really crazy pops off but you know sometimes a sideways move is better than a you know a down 20 40 60 like what we’ve been we saw this last month right so yeah sometimes a sideways move is like you know I’m always hoping for an up month like everyone but like a sideways fills up sometimes when you’re kind of bracing for another hit another 10 20 down you know yeah I’m good with a little stabilization never hurts the cause you know which that’ll be good for some of the projects we’re working on back here in Idaho um oh yeah customers happy be to see a sideways month rather than uh another down month which we kind of anticipated possibly another down month so we’ll take you any other news aluminum stainless other everything ni nickel stain fairly strong you know it’s above eight bucks you

know aluminum’s above a buck so cross your fingers and the you know oil is pushing 80 something a barrel which usually you know usually oil value price moves kind of help move the feris market just CU um they they do tend to go hand inand a lot of times um so if the price of oil keeps coming up then you could probably see some sort of bottoming and you know and some some increasing in the feris pricing but that might be a little bit too early to count that you know gotta count those eggs before they’re hats but you know they do move kind of in tandem so we’ll see awesome we we’ll keep an eye on it we’ll be back here in a week for for to back to the real world Metal Monday back to the studio back to our studio for Metal Monday and uh hopefully we got another good report you know yeah but for day for today we’ll just take take it while we can get we’ll take the green while we we get it all right thank you br enjoy your day have a great have a great

rest of your day and I’ll see you this week yes sir thank you everybody all right bye