Metal Monday Episode #19 with Nick and Brett, May 6th, 2024

It's another Metal Monday AND it's not a bloody one! Copper and nickel are both up, ferrous is sideways. Tune in to hear more! Produced by Recycled Media.


okay we are live again if you guys C our first live stream I’m just gonna be real with everyone a certain it doesn’t update accurately so which is on me you Nick you did everything you were you did everything the right way you were you did you executed flawlessly and I totally pissed it down my leg because I was I looked at the market this morning it said copper was off three cents but I was looking through the Kito app and then I was going through my email like dude we just gave everybody the wrong Metal Monday information like we in order to uh to do this thing the right way we better give them the right information which is actually copper up eight cents yeah it’s up eight right now and that’s good that’s a good sign it looks like ni’s up too nickel’s up about two three% right now so I wish I could say that that was true for the ferris side but that was the correct information yeah that market truly is sideways at best so so yeah Ferris is sideways I yeah I wish we had a glitch in

the in the Matrix on that one but we don’t um nickel you think nickel gets the nine bucks sooner than later you know even if it does it just feels like the 304 stainless pricing is not great like three 16 it’s like just feels yeah because the ferite I guess you know just the demand side for it so I mean even if we do get to $9 nickel I mean we should get a a little bit of love um but I don’t know what that translates into you know on the pricing side a couple cents on the 304 maybe um so we’ll see you know that that I think we get there I genuinely think I mean if copper keeps rolling I think that I think we do get to nine I just don’t know what that translates into on the scrap side value wise yeah you know sometimes it takes the market a little while to catch up obviously the fairis component of 304 316 all the other nickel Alloys it does come into play um it just seems like that one’s got a lot of momentum on the nickel side of it

now yes copper continues to rip you know we’ll see where this thing goes we’ll see if we get all the way up back up to five before this thing’s over you know which you know some big players in that market do think that’s going to happen um is that just optimism or is that factual you know the only time will tell on that one and you know just to recap real quick because we we filmed this a little bit ago but why are you back in Vegas man you were just there I’m out here yeah I know I’m out here for the waste Expo I’m out here with uh Jennifer bets um we they asked us to speak on a a marketing panel this morning so we came out here to do that kind of on you know marketing your business things like what we’re doing right now which is going live trying to get people to promote their business discuss what’s going on um and uh so I want to do just kind of a little bit of research on the waste Expo because it’s it’s a it’s a it’s an expo that’s

double the size of iy Rema now right so let’s if that’s a 7,000 person Expo they said over here this year there’s closer to 15,000 um at the waste Expo so it’s a very big Expo it’s in the convention Center and anything that has to do with waste or hauling or scrap or you know any of that I’m always super intrigued by so it was a good reason for me to kind of come out here and do a little research on you know what’s what’s happening in the world of waste yeah and you know we work very closely with many many uh landfills transfer stations and I and I always feel like they get a way worse W than we even do you know because we’re more of the recyclers that that word recycling is very appealing to a lot of people now now the landfills just get kind of pissed on but any landfill or Transportation worth a are doing it the right way you know they are out there doing recycling streams they are creating energy off the gas and the fumes a lot of stuff I don’t quite even

understand and so I want to give a shout out to all them like we work with a lot over here in Idaho and I think you guys need to promote your the good stuff you guys are doing yeah not even just like dirty stuff that no one wants to talk about like you know where do you put all that garbage we produced well that’s what we telling convince people today this morning right you know on that panel discussion was just hey you know the only way you’re going to get you know positive sentiment to you know is to create it yourself you know you’ve got to change the narrative you’ve got to promote your business you’ve got to promote your local municipality you’ve got to connect with with the youth you’ve got to kind of get out there and put yourself out there to uh um to drive that positive attention positive you know the all the good things you’re doing because it’s easy to talk trash like about trash businesses right but it’s it’s it’s a lot more difficult to get out there and kind of explain that without them you’d be just

surrounded by trash like you know you know you’d be swimming in it so I think there’s they’re doing so much good and that’s another reason why I wanted to come to waste Expo just so I could even talk intelligently with our customer base our landfill customer base about what they’re you know issues they’re battling what they’re fighting you know versus say our issues on the on the Scrap Metal Recycle ins side so well shout out to all the waste handlers out there shout out to all the ones we load know locally that we do business with and the ones you know out there just doing the right thing I think if you’re listening to this and you want to get a little more exposure even like join us on a a little podcast reach out like we would love to promote I think there’s just so many similarities between our businesses already so I think it’s a good fit for us to talk to more people throughout the country doing the right thing so reach out in the comments reach out to Brett me Jennifer anyone on our team and we’ll get you scheduled

and absolutely well there live 2.0 get the let’s get the markets correct before we out there just spouting a bunch of the markets are up Copper’s up it’s not a bloody Monday so let the good times roll all right thank you Brett enjoy Vegas enjoy the race Expo and we will see be back to Idaho tomorrow all right thanks everybody all right man take care see you