Metal Monday Episode #20 with Nick and Brett, May 13th, 2024

It's another GREEN Metal Monday and base metals are thriving! Copper is up, the US dollar is down and ferrous is soft! Tune in to hear more! Produced by Recycled Media.


all right we’re back in person man let’s do this let’s get this it’s a green Monday I feel like we’ve been kind of on a roll lately I think Mondays are good luck again you know we got copper just ripping 475 dude it’s crazy 475 like just a second ago um where it stops I mean I keep thinking it’s going to get cooled but it keeps it keeps running if it goes to five I’m going to buy me one of those uh Tesla cyber trucks that’s all copper with those 30in copper Wheels it’s going down do it let’s let’s see it okay parking next to my Lambo okay okay I I don’t believe any of this I got to get a bigger garage for all this cool I’m going to have someday someday someday we’re going to have copper uh Tesla trucks Lambos we’re going to be rolling deep around here we going broke Rolling Deep okay what else is going on in the market though you know I mean we were just talking about a little bit ago I mean it’s crazy Platinum has definitely supplanted Palladium as of late you know which

we never thought we would see it’s always kind of ran it almost like a 2 to one at least for the last handful of years it was double if not more than double so that’s an interesting thing to watch you know rodian still hanging around that $4500 Mark um but you know Nicholls Nicholls got his little steam aluminum’s up this morning I mean lead I think a lot of your you know your base medals are you know catching some love um you know I think the US dollar you know had it came off this morning I think that’s helped helped the cause so you know feris markets are softer this month for the most part sideways to maybe off 10 bucks depending on the grade maybe 20 depends on your Market but uh I don’t know what to think about that other than just everybody’s flow has gotten a little bit better you know I think our flow has gotten better um don’t don’t tell anybody you know especially guys like Chad who you know I’m always telling how shitty the flow is but and just because it’s better doesn’t mean it’s quite you

know where we’d like to see it but it’s also to the point where you know we’re staying we’re staying pretty busy we’ve got enough outside work um that’s keeping us busy so I don’t have a ton to complain on that front y yards are busy um we’re about to get into the heat of the summer you know it’s it’s coming and right now people are doing a lot of cleaning but when it gets really hot you’ll see a slow down momentum on the especially cleanups people hauling in cleanups things like that but outside jobs we’ve been busy our manufacturers seem to be picking up you know so I think you know things here in Ido are looking pretty good yeah all things considered um you know I think the start of the year was definitely a kind of a slow slow slow go the pricing the pricing coming up on some of the non-fs definitely helps helps the market um but it’s just going to be an interesting Dynamic to see how the rest of this this year you know goes I I’m still optimistic I think you are still in the optimistic

Camp um it’s my greatest strength I’ve heard my greatest people saying that the fairest Market going into you know June and July could be weak but if you can predict it that far out you’re probably not you know I mean let’s be real I mean I think that you can guess like the rest of us but you know I’m going to keep buying scrap and I’m going to keep putting on the ground if the pricing doesn’t make sense and um try and get get it processed and get it ready to rip when the when the when the timing is there but I don’t know I I I think that we could be in for maybe a little bit of a softer you know Ferris Market from what people are being are telling me but I also think that if we get any sort of demand from the manufacturers and um then it’s it’s going to be it’s going to be game on so I mean the the export markets are I mean they’re people are trying to buy and there’s there’s definitely demand now the pricing is you know I think that’s to be

determined but there’s definitely demand out there for us scrap yeah I feels like usually they kind of follow suit like nonf Ferris and Ferris but not right now you know so I I feel like it’s going to flip and like Ferris is going to try to catch up a little but yeah I’ve been wrong I’ve been wrong for last couple months because it just hasn’t been doing that so I don’t know I’m optimistic it does but everything that I everyone I talk to everything I hear is another down month but that’s two three weeks away yeah we’ll just try and fight this battle this mon I think Ferris just got done at the end of last week so it’s kind of now people got to figure out how to get stuff moved and keep stuff you know moved out the down down the road and I don’t know we’ll see I like I said I you know to the whoever can handle the waves the best It’s usually the best surfer that’s right thank you everybody all right have a great day great week